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SBA SeanBrianAgency  has three divisions as follows : SBA SeanBrianAgency Exclusive Talent Management  /  SBE SeanBrianEndeavor Ultra Exclusive Talent Management our  offices are in Boston, Manhattan, New Orleans, Atlanta, Santa Brbra. SBA SeanBrianAgency also has 15 satellite offices in US cities,  5 satellite offices in development overseas.  
Please email or call our offices for more information or fill out our contact page on this website.

Our agency specializes in hosting casting calls for background, featured extras, as well as supporting and principle casting and our studios in Buckhead can host table reads. We require a 45 day advance notice depending on the production. So we will have ample time to prepare, market and properly host casting notices on our social networks, as well as hundreds of our casting affiliates that we partner with in the casting industry across the entire United States. 

If you are in need of our services and you are a production company,  studio, executive producer, director, casting director, and if you are seeking to consult with our agency about retaining our agency for casting as well as production staff casting services for your next production or TV series and or reality series production. Please send your inquiry by email directly to this phone or email as follows by phone 917-426-1057 or by email at [email protected] thank you.

For new clients seeking to become a new member of our agency we can offer you a SKYPE interview. So please submit with your contact information to the following email : [email protected]                   
For current clients that want to submit for our current castings for film, TV,  including reality series casting. Please submit to [email protected]

For models seeking print or runway or for ambassador casting for red carpet events,  branding models, award talent ceremonies. 
Please submit your portfolio, head shots as well as full body shots please include measurements that are typically needed for wardrobe, including your weight, height, eye color, age and good contact number as well. For submissions please submit to the following [email protected] 


Hello everyone the time is final come for the casting of the " James Whitey Bulger " biopic production based on the infamous, horrific, notorious killer, ex-crime boss of Boston " James Whitey Bulger " and the Federal Bureau Of Investigation former Agent "John Connolly" and the web of crime that was weaved from the orders of " James Whitey Bulger " and be first to witness the reenactment based on all true events of this horrific crime boss who had no morals and no conscious. Story based on one of the driver's of " James Whitey Bulger " Executive Producer SeanBrian and his Production team from Hollywood Of The South Motion Pictures LLC create the most horrific motion picture to ever been released on the silver screen you will witness gangland executions like you never seen before ordered by the double sided informant  known as "James Whitey Bulger." 

We are accepting submissions as follows for casting.  

Please submit a professional head shot from the chest up, in addition submit a few (3) full body " pictures of yourself, your actors resume, IMDB link if you have one, movie reel if you have one and a good contact number to call you at. 

For casting and production crew submissions please email to the following email s noted below :

For background casting, featured extras, stand in :

1. [email protected]

For principle roles, supporting roles :

2. [email protected]

For production staff & crew :

3. [email protected]

" Bad Boys Of Boston " Crime / Drama TV Series                                                                                       In Pre-Production Production to commence Fall 2014 / Spring 2015

We are currently seeking, seeking extras, background, stand in, supporting, principal actors, actresses at this time from age range 18 - 80 accepting all nationalities.

We are seeking hot males and females ages 21 to 41 for club scenes, restaurant scenes, court house jurors ages 21-81.
To be considered please follow these instructions :  email your full name and or stage name and age range. We need all of your REAL measurements and weight and " RECENT " headshots (3), RECENT also one side shot as well, IMDB link and or your calling card and or resume, and movie reel if you have one. 

For Submission : [email protected]
For Production Staff & Crew Submission : [email protected]