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SBA  SeanBrian Agency is the first of it's kind  offering casting services for producer's, casting director's, as well as offering casting and talent management for background extra's, featured extra's, supporting actor's, day player's, principle casting for the motion picture world, reality series, we offer casting for producer's, directors playwrights for drama / musical theatre productions as well.

Our goal is to embrace all new talent as well as experienced actors, actresses, models, seeking to put there acting talent careers in motion.   

For those actors, actresses, models, seeking to put there acting talents, and craft in overdrive in reference to landing those roles you work so hard to land.  

For this is the key to the gates of the production world that surrounds the motion picture industry and the casting proccess. 

Here at SBCA our agency assure's you as a current or new client that you are given the necessary tools by our agency to progress your acting career.

 Such as voice and acting instruction by Master Instructor or if need be we can provide a talent coach on and off set.
We at SBA Talent Management feel that as a client we need to be prepared to meet  and fulfill the expectations that are required by the industry for our current clients as well as new clients coming on board.

 Even more importantly our agency project's what will be expected of you from the industry as well as from our agency.  

Our Founder SeanBrian who is an acclaimed casting director, movie producer, reality series producer will work with you as well as assist you with the demands that will expected from you from industry professional's such as executive producer's, film director's, casting director's seeking that perfect talent for there productions that there producing in the production world.
SBA Talent & Artist Management works in harmony to be able to assist and coach you in landing those featured extras, supporting a or principle roles for the FILM, TV, TV SERIES, REALITY SERIES. BROADWAY OR OFF BROADWAY PLAYWRIGHT productions within the US.

SBA Agency / SBA Exclusive Talent Management / SeanBrianEndeavor Ultra Exclusive Talent Management ? SBOLCA U.S. SeanBrian On Location Casting Agencies U.S. & SBM SeanBrian Models has a full service casting and talent management company that offer's service for actor's and actresses seeking background work or for more experienced stuntmen, stunt woman,  actors, actresses that are seeking the supporting roles and or principle casting, as well as we manage producer's director's, promoter's, casting director's, cinematographer's we are a full service agency and we are bonded and of course licensed and have entertainment attorney's available to our client's that we represent.

"At our agency your not just another face in the background or just a number in our data base we actually care about you as a client."

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Updated 4.21.2014